Menue of Restaurant Orthwein


  • Soups
    4,00 €Broth of Beefpancake / vegetables6,00 €Consommè of Stagwith stag5,00 €Cream of pumpkin (Vegen)oil
  • Meatless
    13,50 €Green Noodles servedwith a Cream Sauce with fresh Salmon and Herbs
  • Vegetarien
    5,50 €Mixed SaladMixed Salad
  • Main course
    23,00 €Cheek of vealbraised with root vegetbles, Mashed potatoes17,00 €Cured Ox - toungeMadeira / Puff pastry / Carrot16,00 €Fillet of PikeperchRisotto / green Aspargus22,00 €Roast saddle of vealHerbbutter / french fries/ Salad18,00 €Roast StagApple / Dumplings / Red Cabbage
  • For Children
    6,00 €breaded Escalopewith french fries3,50 €french frieswith ketchup